P5/16PR+ - P9/16PR+

Roller Shutter Motors

P5/16PR+ - P9/16PR+


  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • For use with or without anti-lifting device
  • Easy setting of final positions - no installation set required
  • Obstacle detection in the downward direction when rigid shaft connections are used.
  • Blockage detection in the up direction
  • Automatic shutter length adjustment
  • Smooth upper stop
  • Dynamic torque adjustment
  • Increased downward pressure when used with anti-lifting devices
  • Parallel connection permissable 

Technical data
Driving torque : 5- 9Nm
Output speed : 16 / 20 rpm
Limit switch range : 64 revolutions
Nominal voltage : 230V AC
Type of operation : S24 min
Protection rating : IP44
Connection cable : 3m

Automatic shutter length adjustment in systems featuring buffers -
Identical appearance when shutters are open. No change in position due to temperature expansion etc

Suitable for left and right hand installations - No extra storage space required due to different types of drives

No fixed buffers required for operation - Suitable for roller shutters with or without buffers

Suitable for rollers shutters with or without anti lifting device

Automatic anti-lift device detection - Roller shutter is pushed down to prvent break in

Blockage detection in the UP direction - Roller shutter is protected against overload i.e. freezing

Parallel connection possible without relays - No additional cost for group controls or separation relays

Easy setting of final positions - No special installation set required to set final positions

Soft upper stop- Less loading on the shutter thanks to dynamic torque adjustment

Shutter can be would up around the motor head - Suitable for applications with limited space

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