Hard Wired (4 Wire) 35mm dia Blind Motor

Electric Blind & Awning Motors

Hard Wired (4 Wire) 35mm dia Blind Motor


  • Quiet smooth operation
  • Can Be parallel wired, remove the need for Relays.
  • Easy setting of limits via switches on head of the motor
  • Universal use with or without stops
  • Ideal to connect with Home Automation
  • Blockage detection in the UP direction
  • Soft upper stop
  • Single and group command possible

Technical Data
Driving torque : 5-9Nm
Output speed : 20& 30 rpm P5, 16 rpm P9
Limit switch range : 64
Nominal voltage : 230V
Type of operation : S2 4Min
Protection rating : IP44
Connection cable : 3m

Single andgroup control permissable - Via UC45 or UC42 Control Units

Suitable for left and right hand installation - No extra storage space required due to different types of drives

Blockage detection - In the UP direction

Soft upper stop - Optimium adaptation of closing force for cloth protection

Overheat protection for the motor - In the event of overheating, the temeperature sensor will automatically switch off the motor to prevent damage

Easy setting of final positions - Can be done via the switches on the Head of the Motor

Can be combined with many Becker brackets - Adaptable to multiple applications

Fabric can be wound up around the motor head - Suitable for applications with limited space

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